Someday, I’ll ask you a question.

A question which will change the both of us forever.

Someday, I’ll make you mine.

Someday, we’ll find that little house on Bugbee, and wonder how we’ll EVER make the payment XD.

Someday, we’ll be moving in together, and you’ll be ever so slightly put off by my controlling tendencies but keep it silent.

Someday, long after our little house has become a home, we’ll have a baby.

Someday… well… some days will be harder than others.

Those days, you’ll begin to silently resent me, to silently resent yourself for not having foresight and being controlled by your emotions.

Those days, you’ll keep it quiet for the baby. You’ll pretend everything is okay.

Someday, we will bring that baby home. We’ll debate the name, and you’ll guilt me into letting you win.

Someday, we will escape to a fancy steakhouse to pretend everything is okay.

Someday, when our little one is all grown up, they’ll get arrested. We’ll be on a gorgeous trip to Haiti barely talking to one another, and it will all come crashing down.

Someday, we’ll decide that enough is enough, and we don’t want to spend the next 50 years together.

Someday, we’ll get divorced and seek comfort in others. Neither of us will move on. You’ll turn to many different partners for validation, and I’ll become a drunken problem for the young waitress at Denny’s past 11PM.

Someday, we will watch our child’s trial on the news from the motel room of a cheating man and the TV in a Hooters, respectively. And yes, we will cry.

Someday, we’ll both catch ourselves drunkenly calling one another for a second chance, realizing our biggest mistake was leaving in the first place.

Someday, I’ll ask you to be mine all over again.

Someday, we’ll wonder how anyone ever wondered “where all the time has gone”.

©Sam Spiwak, 2021
Turn Back