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Throughout my life, I've always had a love for soda... I mean, you saw my username, right?

Mountain Dew VooDew MKII

Mountain Dew: VooDew MKII

Being someone born within five days of Halloween, I'm legally obligated to love any and all Halloween themed junk, even if it doesn't interest me whatsoever. Halloween candy? I buy 'em. Etc, Etc.

I follow this blog Dinosaur Dracula, and he writes about all manner of stupid junk, especially Halloween junk when the time is right. Last year, he wrote about Mountain Dew's new Halloween Vewdew mystery flavor, comparing it to the taste of Skittles. I remember looking all around and never finding it. This year, though, on the way back from the weird Target on the other side of town, I found it. Vewdew MkII. The 2020 refresh of the flavor, with a supposedly new taste. Last year's was apparently Candy Corn, and I'm gonna guess Candy Apple for this year's. I don't have much to say about VewDew here, as to be honest it's not really my thing, but WOW that skittles comparison cannot be understated. It really does taste like you're drinking a handful of Skittles, it's remarkable! I almost like the bottle better than the soda itself, that technicolor grim reaper holding up two fingers to signify that this is a sequel... So damn cool.

Cherry-Vanilla Pepsi

Cherry-Vanilla Pepsi

This soda is the one that inspired this blog's very inception. I'm not even a big pepsi guy, either, but I can attest that cherry-vanilla pepsi is The Shitâ„¢! It came out (at least where I am) late-summer 2016. I tried it on a whim, seeing it in a Target one day. Wild Cherry Pepsi was always the better cherry cola, but I'd always thought Vanilla Coke was the better vanilla. What I'm trying to say is, my expectations were mixed for this one. Well, let me tell you, this soda was one of the most incredible (sweet) things I've ever tasted! And it's even still in my top 5 for sugary tastes! It's really something indescribable. Like, it's a fairly regular light cola taste at first, but when that aftertaste hits you... Ohh man it hits you! it's like nothing other! Needless to say I was hooked! The soda was relatively cheap and plentiful, so I would usually get it with the money I was supposed to spend on cafeteria food (sorry, mom). Then, as if hunted to extinction by myself, the supply started to thin. I could no longer find the soda at my local target, I had to hike up to a 7-Eleven. Then, that Seleven stopped getting them, and it was a gas station on the edge of town. To quote Pink Floyd, "And so all things, time will mend/and so this song will end". I went the longest time without tasting this sweet nectar of the gods once it left local stores, although hope was still alive because sometimes out of state I'd see it, that is until last October. You see, this year was my freshman year of college, and there was a Walmart right outside of town. We all did our shopping there, because it was a quick bus ride away, and really really big. Well, the week before my birthday, I was doing some shopping, and nearly fainted when I saw an entire shelf stocked with Cherry-Vanilla Pepsi! I quickly bought an entire 12-pack, and proceeded to have a great fuckin' night with my friend, guzzling this holy bounty and watching some 90s anime (I forget which one). I got him and some other friends hooked, and had a great four or five months where my minifridge was almost always stocked. However, fate is neither a predictable, nor kind mistress, and security is almost always foolhearted. One late week-night, I went in for the usual, and it was GONE. Oh no, not again!!! The following day, I could barely concentrate, I probably failed everything. I was more anxious than I'd ever been. I rushed over to Walmart as soon as I could, but it was still not there. Walmart never restocked, and eventually reformed their aisle without the Cherry-Vanilla price tag. The clouds became darker, and the winter became colder. I was a broken man once again.

I wish this story had a moral, I wish I could tell you I came home because of this godforsaken virus and had a second soda re-union at a convenience store I'd never visited, but alas, life is no storybook. Happy endings seldom exist. The moral of this story is, hold those you love close, because you never know when they'll be discontinued...

Actually, silly mellowdrama aside, that reminds me. Pepsi insists on their site that this soda is still in production, but it's clearly not! Like, don't play with me like that man!

So, this post was pretty silly, but I actually really really could not get enough of this soda, and am really saddened by its sudden deth. Do any of you have any experiences with this soda? Have you tasted it and gotten hooked as well? Do you work at Pepsi and have confirmation on whether or not it's been discontinued? Actually, if you work at Pepsico, please tell them to make more. I'd love to hear from you either way! You can find my email on the contact page. I'd love to talk your ear off, should you let me!

Cherry-Vanilla Pepsi

Pork Soda

Well, I've never had a can of Pork Soda, which could maybe be the cause of my current feeling less-than-fine, but I'd excuse myself because it doesn't exist. I thought they actually made a promo Pork Soda soda, but I was wrong. However, It seems that for Primus' Halloween show in 2014, they made candybars based on Primus song titles. Sure enough, there was a pork soda bar! Actually, I don't think I'd want to try it, because 6-year old chocolate is probably all nasty, but how cool is that??

Oh well, guess I'm stuck with bacon soda for now (ew)...

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