((Actually last updated May 9, 2023. This date is a reference to Suda51's The Silver Case...))


May 9 2023

•This one is a big cosmetic overhaul.

•Dude, I made the site easier to read! Wow! Fun colors!!

•Added a navigation bar! Woooo!

•Got rid of the "Under Construction" and "Open 24 hours" graphics on the main page, as they didn't fit the coloring.


May 1 2023

•Added three new artists to the Chronologies section: Shrimp Olympics, The Twenty-Sixes, and J. Wraith.

•Will be adding Oh Oh Ecstasy/Peter is Dead tomorrow.

April 30 2023

•Been a while, huh.

•I'm adding lots to this site! Changed the name, first off.

•I have begun to add the 'music' section. I wanna catalog all the one-off tapes in my collection.

•Began this section with a page on the band Pataphysics.

•I replaced the Newgrounds link on my About section with my Instagram. About a month ago now, the Newgrounds general forums were closed. RIP.

•Finally added a guest book!

March 16 2021

•Wow, been a while. What a new year.

•Added some dumb thing I wrote in my free time!

November 8 2020

•Added "The Otherworld", my losing entry to the NG Halloween 2020 writing contest!

November 2 2020

•The sitewide haunting has subsided... FOR NOW MWAHAHAHAH!

October 2 2020

•New Halloween theme! Wow!

•Added the poem "Portrait of a Hungover Student" to the writing section.

•Halloween soda!

•Spooky tunes!

August 30 2020

•Added the about section.

•Added the writing section.

•Beefed up the site description.

•Added the vampire girls story, and listed WIP stuff.

•Filled up the jukebox..

August 28 2020

•It's been a while.

•Added those janky skeuomorphic buttons, removed bullet list.

•Began construction on jukebox.

June 17 2020 (big day)

•Open 24 hours!

•Added the soda blog.

•Added the book recs page.

•Added the video games page.

•Added contact me page.

•Added the "What I'm listening to" section.

•Powered by Neocities!

•Cleaned up index page, and added site description.

•As funny as the old 404 page was, it no longer made much sense. I added a new, more professional, less profane one. You can view the old one here.

•Smoking Skull.

•Made the Cherry-Vanilla Pepsi post!

•Added news ticker.

June 16 2020

•After much putting it off, I learned how to add the wikkid space background and center text. Oh also added this page.

•Added this nice text container. Look on web archive, it looked bad without it.

May 31 2020

•Created site, was a basic black background with red text.

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