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"Vampire Girlzzz♥"

!!NSFW!! A young nerd becomes infatuated with vampire girls after seeing art of one on Newgrounds. He falls for and courts a vampire wife, bringing him on an absurd adventure through the ups and downs of life. You know what they say! Vampire wife, vampire life! Read part one now! Part two coming sometime soon. (This story contains graphic depictions of sex. The sex is completely consensual and passionate, but graphic nonetheless. If you don't like reading that sort of stuff, you may not like this one)

"Portrait of a Hungover Student"

[[DISCLAIMER: I've never been drunk, so I could be totally misrepresenting a hangover here.]]

This was a poem I had to write for class. Our assignment was to write a narrative poem using a list of words we had to use, and completely without a list of words not to use. Everyone else was writing these brooding pieces about suffering and the winter, so I decided to write a more laid-back scene about a student waking up hungover from a night of partying, and taking a moment to realize how wonderful life can be.

(our words were: drudgery, dismal, whimsy, blue, grief, veins, leaves, variation, west, disappear, bend, shelf, drapes, reeling)

The Otherworld

Written for the Newgrounds Halloween 2020 writing contest! In my greatest act of fuck strep, I wrote this story in only a week despite having the worst case of strep three doctors had ever seen. Most of my october was spent bedridden, so I had only a week to write this. (I didn't win, but I'm stil proud of it).

Anyway, this story follows Suzie and Teddy, two freelance private investigators as their world becomes perfect through the advancement of technology, and their struggles to grapple with a supposed utopia, as well as making commentary on the nature of living for a purpose!

"Every Kiss..."

One night watching Comedy Central, I was so insensed by this gross Kay Jeweler's ad that I wrote a gloomy parody.

Coming Soon:

"The Farside of the Dreamscape"

Coming Soon(?) This story follows Benjamin Baron, a wholly successful yet completely alone twentysomething. After years of crushing lonliness, he sees an ad for 'Dreamscapers LLC', a company that uses Brain-Scanning technology to beam memories of good times into your mind. Will there be big implications? Probably.


I'm writing a book! It doesn't have a title yet, but it follows our 18-year old protaginist Margo. She was never given the chance to get very close to her father, but looks up to him all the same. One day, she learns that he has died, and had his brain data uploaded to a computer. His last wish was for Margo to experience his memories through VR and get to know him better. But wait, how could he have planned for his own death?

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