Oh Oh Ecstasy

Oh Oh Ecstasy is the incredible pop-rock-surf-death-psych-doom-experimental music project of none other than Peter Carlovich. For over a decade, Carlovich prolifically channeled the collective subconscious of New York into a numbered series of albums, all recorded at home, with a revolving collective of band members. The project has roots in his noise experiments from age 10, posting into the voids of cyberspace as HammyWhammy all of those recordings went down with whatever p2p service hosted them, but from their ashes rose Oh Oh Ecstasy.

In 2009, Carlovich and a few friends formed a new band, filtering his experimental sensibilities through the popular surf rock sound of the time. This band eventually came to be known as Oh Oh Ecstasy (they were kids, give them a break). Around 2012, having written a sizeable amount of music and self-released a few unspeakably rare cd-rs, OOX hit the road, performing and writing at a breakneck pace. Later that year, the lineup would fall apart, and Carlovich's life would darken. This influenced his music, leading to 2013's Murder Tape, a twisted, psychedelic take on his surf roots.

Over the next half-decade, OOX would work tirelessly to create an image of 'psychedelic death', channeled from Carlovich's own life beginning at the end of the analog age. Shadowed in mystique, OOX's discography would grow to contain official albums, rare one-offs, soundtrack appearances, EPs, radio sessions and near-success. Peter's music feels steeped in emotion and truly knows no bounds. Much of it can be heard at the OOX bandcamp, but truly there's no knowing it all.

Official Releases:

  • Beach Blood (no label, 2012) CD
  • Murder Tape (no label, 2013) CD/K7
  • Tried To Record Water, Sounded Like Piss (no label, 2013) CD
  • Salon De Refuses (no label, 2014) CD
  • Full Gradient Experiment (no label, 2014) CD
  • Pure Pop EP (no label, 2014)CD
  • Let's Be Friends (no label, 2015) CD
  • 8TRK (no label, 2015) CD
  • Nightlife is for You (no label, 2017) CD
  • RIP OOX (no label, 2020) CD

Unofficial Releases:

  • And You'll Never Know... (no label, 2009) CD
  • Lo Fi Goodness EP (no label, 2011) CD
  • Random Songs (no label, 2011) CD
  • Vista Cruiser (no label, 2012) CD
  • Happy Pills (no label, 2014) CD
  • Kill Me, Mama EP (no label, 2014) CD
  • 8TRK Demos (no label, 2015) DIGITAL ONLY
  • Peter + Chris (no label, 2015) DIGITAL ONLY
  • After Death (no label, 2016) DIGITAL ONLY
  • Singles Collection (no label, 2017) CD
  • Live at the Mill (no label, 2017) CD
  • The Kinda You Like EP (no label, 2018) CD
  • Beach Blood vol. 2 (no label, 2019) K7

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