Chronologies of artists I love.

Stuff you won't find on Discogs. Especially cause I'm submission banned teehee ♡

For almost a decade, I've been a lover of DIY music. Stuff home-recorded by lone musical weirdos and self-released on CD, tape, and digitally. Bands with 3 spotify listeners, experimental pop artists with no Bandcamp sales, that's the stuff I live for! These artists tend to speak to my soul in a way I can't explain.

Something else about artists like this, is that their releases tend to be hard to find, relegated to a Bandcamp page and a few cassette copies. This page will be dedicated to cataloging the extensive discographies of several bands I love, as well as some breif writeups, to hopefully convince you to listen!



Shrimp Olympics

The Twenty-Sixes

J. Wraith

Oh Oh Ecstasy

Peter is Dead

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