The Twenty-Sixes

The Twenty-Sixes (sometimes Fish Tank Revival) is the home recording project of young musician Luke Johnson. Luke has been recording under a multitude of names since about 2020. In mid-2021, Luke picked up a multitrack tape recorder and began recording as Fish Tank Revival, compiling mixtapes for friends and an eventual first EP. In 2022, after recording tons of Fish Tank Revival music, as well as music for other projects and those of a few friends, Luke founded Dog Safe Records, the label on which he would release his first album. The inital Dog Safe release was the first Fish EP, but somewhere along the line, the DNA mutated and Luke changed the project's name to The Twenty-Sixes. In early 2023, Luke released his first full-length tape under this moniker, Ode to the Gunk. Since then, Luke has been very busy, recording music of his own, and filling out the Dog Safe repertoire. The future is bright for both Luke and his music.

You can find Luke's music at the Dog Safe Records Instagram, as well as their ever-under-construction website.

Releases as Fish Tank Revival:

  • Fish Tank Revival EP (no label, 2021) K7
  • Top Picks (no label, 2022) K7

Releases as The Twenty-Sixes:

  • Ode to the Gunk (Dog Safe Records, 2023) K7

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