J. Wraith

J. Wraith, real name: ████ ███████, is an everchanging mass of musical output from Midwestern America. Since the early 2010s, he has been self-recording, drawing upon his visions and pursuing the expansion of his musical mind. Wraith has made discographies worth of recordings, scrapped them entirely, and lived out multiple careers in near-secret throughout his relatively young life. No doubt some of this owes to his intense perfectionism, as well. As soon as he reaches a new watermark, his first instinct as an artist is to scap the old work. As you can imagine, this approach has its ups and downs, but in this writer's humble opinion, has ultimately culminated in truly watertight releases.

After several years of rocky starts and stops, split ends and new beginnings, J. Wraith has officially released his debut album, 2023's Night Addiction. Lying within are a collage of his innermost feelings and thoughts, laid over reverb-drowned melodies from another dimension. His music is not for the faint of heart, but like an intensely dark beer, a lot of depth lies within for those brave enough to stomach it. You can find his released music at his Bandcamp page.

Official Releases:

  • Bedrock EP (no label, 2014)
  • FREAKED EP (no label, 2020)
  • Night Addiction (no label, 2023) CD

Unofficial Releases:

  • Sleepless Cataclysm (no label, 2019)
  • Aluminum Sun (no label, 2020) CD
  • Raw Ideas and Hidden Truths (no label, 2020)
  • Rough Demos, Unused Tracks, Old DNA (no label, 2021)

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