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smokin' skull

Hello there! My name is Sam! Welcome to my own personal space on the wired! Wow! This website is intended mostly as a blog. On this site, you'll find a catalog of my favorite parts of life! This includes my favorite obscure media, as well as less obscure video games, movies, and soda! I love soda. In other words, this is your window into the mind of a hipster stuck in 2009! Oooh! That's not all though! I'm also an ameteur writer, and will be periodically be posting the things I write! If you share any of my interests, or you wanna learn more about some crazy obscure media I wrote about, don't hesitate to email me! I have no life!

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Sunday January 7th, 2024

Hey there, internet! This is my first ever 'blog' post, to my very own internet Diary! There's been a crazy snowstorm blowing through my little upstate NY town. I work at a BBQ resturaunt and spent last night praying to god that we'd be closed today. Thankfully, we were in fact snowed out--and by about two feet (which is good because I stayed up until about 4AM last night). After waking up early and rejoicing upon hearing the voicemail, I fell back asleep until noon. In a half asleep trance, I put on this song and opened my window to watch the forest around me get blanketed in white. After showering, I met my housemate's lovely snowman Phil. He's a cool dude, but his head is a bit small. Run-in with a snow shaman, perhaps?

After getting ready, I had a wonderful coffee and ventured into the tundra outside. The sight of everything blanketed in snow, juxtaposed against a bright gray sky was supremely surreal. Just a few short months ago, the trees surrounding me on all sides were so lush and full of life that one might feel sufficiently hidden in nature. Now, though, there was no escape from the harsh cold. That's alright, though. Everything has its place, darkness defines the light, and so of the cold and warm. Summers here wouldn't be so lovely if our January nights didn't get into the single digits, etc etc. Walking around town as the sun set was lovely. I saw a whole new side of town, with all the shops closed. A passing snowman appeared to profess its love for me, although on further inspection, the window above was having an affair with a passing car. On the way back, I recieved an email back from delightfully mysterious internet musician ubOa saying he wouldn't be doing physical releases out of respect for mother earth. That's sick and all, but I want a CD-R with sharpie and music on it. Sigh..

I'm back now, after posting this, I'm going to make my world famous buffalo mozzerella sticks (Mozz cheese, coated in buffalo marinated chicken, lovingly fried at a high heat). Maybe I'll update with pictures later. I hope you're all having a lovely day, snow or sun. The world is beautiful, and everyone's free to get a library card.

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